If you’re not sure whether you’re using your medications correctly or missing doses of prescription medicines, The Transformation Center team can help. At their offices in the community of Cordova, Tennessee, the team provides comprehensive medication management services to help you organize and manage your prescription medications for mental health disorders and other health issues. To schedule a medication management consultation, call The Transformation Center location nearest you or book an appointment online today.

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What is medication management?

Medication management is a service available at The Transformation Center to help you manage your medications and treatment plan for a wide range of psychiatric disorders.

The goal of medication management is to ensure you’re using the right medications at the proper dosages to reduce your risk of complications.

Why should I consider medication management?

Medication management services are available as part of your treatment for:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Mood disorders

Your provider at The Transformation Center can recommend medication management services to help keep you on track with all necessary medications. They review the medicines you need to take as part of your treatment or outpatient detox program to ensure you’re using the right dosage and taking medications as the team prescribes.

Close supervision of your medications reduces your risk for misuse, overdose, and side effects that can complicate your health. The team also evaluates all other medications you’re taking and your medical history to confirm there aren’t any conflicts.

What happens during my medication management consultation?

During your initial consultation, The Transformation Center staff spends time reviewing your medical history and the list of medications you’re currently taking, including all vitamins and other supplements.

Your provider also reviews your care plan for existing mental health conditions and can determine which medications you may need as part of your treatment. They ensure these new medications won’t interfere with your existing health or the use of other medications.

As you progress through your therapy and outpatient treatments, your provider at The Transformation Center continues to monitor your medication use. They also can supervise any medications necessary while you’re working through an inpatient detox program.

What are the benefits of a medication management consultation?

Medication management services are beneficial to anyone who takes more than one medication. The Transformation Center team can help you manage your medications effectively and ensure they’re working well at controlling your symptoms.

Your provider works with you one on one to review all of your medications and the schedule you’re using to take them. This can reduce your risk for complications that arise when you take the wrong dosage or miss a dose.

Medication management services can also prevent conflicts between medications you need for mental health conditions and medications you need for underlying physical health issues.

If you need help managing multiple medications, rely on the expertise of the providers at The Transformation Center. You can request a consultation online or by calling the office nearest you today.