If marijuana use is negatively affecting your job, relationships, or quality of life, it may be due to cannabis use disorder. Fortunately, with effective interventions, it’s possible to minimize symptoms and regain control of your life. At The Transformation Center, with two convenient locations in the Cordova neighborhood, Tennessee, the team provides safe, proven treatments for cannabis use disorder. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online, or call the office nearest you today.

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What is cannabis use disorder?

Cannabis use disorder occurs when you become dependent on marijuana. Marijuana typically isn’t addictive, but for some people, it results in problematic use.

If you rely on marijuana to regulate your emotions or get through the day, it may point to a more serious underlying problem. This is particularly true if you experience memory problems, difficulty concentrating, or frequent mood swings.

Cannabis use disorder affects people of all ages, but it’s grown increasingly common in young adults due to the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana.

What are the symptoms of cannabis use disorder?

The symptoms of cannabis use disorder vary, but common indications include:

  • Difficulty controlling cannabis use
  • Taking cannabis in high-risk situations
  • Craving cannabis throughout the day
  • Giving up on hobbies or activities to use cannabis
  • Experiencing withdrawal when you stop using cannabis

You might also have a cannabis use disorder if you continue to use marijuana even if it negatively affects your physical or mental health.

How is cannabis use disorder diagnosed?

To diagnose cannabis use disorder, your provider at The Transformation Center reviews your physical and mental health history and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle, including how often you use cannabis, why you use cannabis, and its effects on your daily life. Afterward, you fill out a simple survey that evaluates your relationship with cannabis.

It’s normal to feel embarrassed about excessive cannabis use, but it’s important you’re open and honest throughout your appointment. When you provide accurate information about your habit, it allows the team to tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

How is cannabis use disorder treated?

Treatment for cannabis use disorder depends on the severity of your symptoms and the effects of the disorder on your quality of life. Usually, the team at The Transformation Center recommends conservative measures, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

You might also benefit from psychiatric medication, a 12-step program, or activities that encourage creativity, such as art therapy, music therapy, or yoga. Ultimately, the goal of treatment is to limit cravings while minimizing cannabis use.

To learn more about treatment for cannabis use disorder, schedule an appointment at The Transformation Center by calling the nearest office, or booking online today.