Trauma / PTSD Informal Assessment

This confidential test is an informal tool designed for individuals who have experienced a traumatizing event. It can help you measure your trauma history and the resulting symptoms you may experience. Not treating the emotional disturbances that can occur as a result of traumatic experiences, can have the long-term, negative physical, emotional, and mental effects.  Regardless of the outcome of this test, if you have experienced a traumatizing event, and are struggling, please do not hesitate to contact The Transformation Center and Associates for a free clinical assessment.  With the right treatment, there truly is no trauma that cannot be healed!  

Some common causes of PTSD are: 

  • Childhood emotional, physical, and or Sexual abuse
  • Violent crimes such as assault or rape
  • Sudden, unexpected death of a loved one
  • Loss of important relationships
  • Loss of home and belongings
  • Witnessing traumatic events
  • Marital or relationship abuse
  • Tragic accidents
  • Stalking or harassment

(This test is not designed to make a diagnosis of PTSD or to take the place of a professional diagnosis or consultation. It alone does not yield a specific diagnosis of PTSD. Neither this, nor any other screening instrument, has been established as highly efficient as the sole means for identifying PTSD. )

In the past, I had more close friends than I have now.
I do not feel guilt over things that I did in the past.
If someone pushes me too far, I am likely to become violent.
If something happens that reminds me of the past, I become very distressed and upset.
The people who know me best are afraid of me.
I am able to get emotionally close to others.
I have nightmares of experiences in my past that really happened.
When I think of some of the things I have done in the past, I wish I were dead.
It seems as if I have no feelings.
Lately, I have felt like killing myself.
I fall asleep, stay asleep and awaken only when the alarm goes off.
I wonder why I am still alive when others have died.
Being in certain situations makes me feel as though I am back in the past.
My dreams at night are so real that l wake in a cold sweat and force myself to stay awake.
I feel like I cannot go on.
I do not laugh or cry at the same things other people do.
I still enjoy doing many things that I used to enjoy.
Daydreams are very real and frightening.
I have found It easy to keep a job.
I have trouble concentrating on tasks.
I have cried for no good reason.
I enjoy the company of others.
I am frightened by my urges.
I fall asleep easily at night.
Unexpected noises make me jump.
No one understands how I feel, not even my family.
I am an easy-going, even-tempered person.
I feel that there are certain things that I have done that I can never tell anyone, because no one would ever understand.
There have been times when I used alcohol (or other drugs) to help me sleep or to make me forget about things that happened in the past.
I feel comfortable when I am in a crowd.
I lose my cool and explode over minor everyday things.
I am afraid to go to sleep at night.
I try to stay away from anything that will remind me of things which happened in the past.
My memory is as good as it ever was.
I have a hard time expressing my feelings, even to the people I care about.
At times I suddenly act or feel as though something that happened in the past were
happening all over again.
I am not able to remember some important things that happened in the past.
I feel “superalert” or “on guard” much of the time.
If something happens that reminds me of the past, I get so anxious or panicky that my heart pounds hard; I have trouble getting my breath; I sweat, tremble, or shake; or feel dizzy, tingly, or faint.
Thank you so much for taking the test.  When you submit the test, you will be emailed with the results.  We respect your privacy and will not ever share your information with any third parties.

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How To Receive Help

You may call The Transformation Center and set up an appointment for a free assessment that will help you understand whether or not our program is appropriate for you. At that time you will be able to ask questions and express your possible fears or concerns about treatment. We will help you through every step along the way and encourage you that your healing and a better life is within reach. 901-755-1396.