Thank you for participating! Below is a standardized questionnaire designed for the general population, used to evaluate potential long-term effects of adverse experiences. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. The questionnaire consists of less than 40 questions and should only take a few minutes to complete. Thanks again for your time. 

In the past, I had more close friends than I have now.
I do not feel guilt over things that I did in the past.
If someone pushes me too far, I am likely to become violent.
If something happens that reminds me of the past, I become very distressed and upset.
The people who know me best are afraid of me.
I am able to get emotionally close to others.
I have nightmares of experiences in my past that really happened.
When I think of some of the things I have done in the past, I wish I were dead.
It seems as if I have no feelings.
Lately, I have felt like killing myself.
I fall asleep, stay asleep and awaken only when the alarm goes off.
I wonder why I am still alive when others have died.
Being in certain situations makes me feel as though I am back in the past.
My dreams at night are so real that l wake in a cold sweat and force myself to stay awake.
I feel like I cannot go on.
I do not laugh or cry at the same things other people do.
I still enjoy doing many things that I used to enjoy.
Daydreams are very real and frightening.
I have found It easy to keep a job.
I have trouble concentrating on tasks.
I have cried for no good reason.
I enjoy the company of others.
I am frightened by my urges.
I fall asleep easily at night.
Unexpected noises make me jump.
No one understands how I feel, not even my family.
I am an easy-going, even-tempered person.
I feel that there are certain things that I have done that I can never tell anyone, because no one would ever understand.
There have been times when I used alcohol (or other drugs) to help me sleep or to make me forget about things that happened in the past.
I feel comfortable when I am in a crowd.
I lose my cool and explode over minor everyday things.
I am afraid to go to sleep at night.
I try to stay away from anything that will remind me of things which happened in the past.
My memory is as good as it ever was.
I have a hard time expressing my feelings, even to the people I care about.
At times I suddenly act or feel as though something that happened in the past were
happening all over again.
I am not able to remember some important things that happened in the past.
I feel “superalert” or “on guard” much of the time.
If something happens that reminds me of the past, I get so anxious or panicky that my heart pounds hard; I have trouble getting my breath; I sweat, tremble, or shake; or feel dizzy, tingly, or faint.
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