Eating Disorder Programs

Too many women in Memphis are suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and complusive overeating. We have developed a comprehensive, integrated intensive outpatient program to help girls and women recover from these life-threatening conditions and other psychological conditions such as body dysmorphia and compulsive overeating.

The Transformation Intensive Outpatient Program for eating disorders is unique in our community. We offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, intensive outpatient approach to both adults and adolescents. Our program is similar in scope to the best residential treatment programs but we allow clients to stay in school or at work during treatment. We provide medical referrals, psychiatric and nutritional services combined with proven individual, family and group therapy integrated with essential mind/body therapies. Approximately one-third of a client’s treatment involves such experiential modalities.

eating disorders memphisWe are all familiar with the term psychosomatic. The term “psycho” meaning mind and “soma” meaning body describes the link between the two. This vital connection is a key to the success of Transformation program. Eating disorders represent a distorted connection between the mind and body. Through the various disciplines of the Transformation program, we help individual girls and women reconnect this vital link and help with the following issues:

* Develop new self-esteem
* Redirect definitions of success
* De-program negative body image self talk
* Create a powerful healthy body
* Change reward systems
* Build lifetime health habits
* Satisfy the need for genuine and nurturing touch
* Rediscover feelings

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Each individual is unique as are their life circumstances. The eating disorder program at our center takes this into account. We provide individual therapy sessions, group therapy and family therapy as well as nutritional counseling, client support /family groups and mind/body therapy sessions.

Transformation Center for WomenIntensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program requires clients to attend nine to twelve hours a week, usually over three to four days during the week. Approximately two-thirds of those hours are in individual or group counseling sessions and one-third involves mind/body therapies such as massage therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, yoga, dance, and strength training, among others. Clients for the eating disorder program must be assessed as being anorexic, bulimic, compulsive over-eaters or have been diagnosed with body dysmorphia.

Each client has a fully integrated therapy team consisting of a lead counselor, nutritionist, mind/body coordinator, and individual mind/body practitioners. Client progress is evaluated by the full team and the Clinical Director and Medical Director on a weekly basis. The treatment plan is evaluated and modified as needed. Medication management is provided as needed by the Medical Director (a licensed psychiatrist). Our mission is to help the girls and women of our community to achieve a sound mind, a healthy body and a balanced life. If you or someone you know could benefit from either of our programs we invite you to call or make a referral to us. Our pledge is to provide the best professional and compassionate care.

We are proud to offer additional specific tracks for Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

PHP (Partial Hosptialization Program)

We are also proud to offer the only Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)for Memphis residents who are in need of even more intensive eating disorder treatment than an IOP can offer. While not intended to replace residential treatment, which is still valid and crucial for some, PHP provides a significantly higher level of care than IOP and, for many, can be a viable alternative to extremely costly Residential treatment. For others, PHP can serve as a viable step down from Residential treatment.

Most insurance companies recognize our programs. We are also a licensed facility by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities, and are accredited by the Joint Commision. Assessments to determine a candidates appropriateness for our programs are offered free of charge.

Adolescent Summer Intensive PHP

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Memphis Eating Disorder Support Group:

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