Once a prospective client has made an inquiry or has been referred to us by a physician, counselor or insurance company we do an initial telephone screening to determine if the individual would be a good candidate. If so, an assessment is scheduled.

An assessment to determine the suitability of our program for any applicant is made by a counselor on our staff based upon a personal interview and the information provided by the applicant in our admissions packet. This is done before a psychiatric evaluation is scheduled with the medical director.

Psychiatric Evaluations

The psychiatric evaluation is conducted by our Medical Director who is a licensed psychiatrist. He makes the final determination as to the candidate’s suitability for treatment in our intensive outpatient program. If he determines that admission is warranted his findings are provided to the Director of Business Development and Utilization Review.

The Director of Business Development and Utilization Review will then contact the client’s insurance company and determine the benefits for which the client is eligible. Once the client is fully informed of their benefits they can then make an informed decision about participating in the program.

Medical Records

In order for you to release your medical records for prior treatment or general health records you will need to sign a release as well as authorize us to speak to other therapists. Your records are of course, held strictly confidential by us and will only be released to others at your written request.


As you can imagine, scheduling of your program requires the involvement of many members of your treatment team. We will do our best to accommodate your life’s demands, such as school or jobs.However, it is your responsibility to attend all appointments. Many of our sessions are held after school or work hours to make this as feasible as possible. Failure to attend can have serious consequences. Most important of course is your recovery. In addition, insurance companies will deny payment for missed appointments and can even terminate coverage. We take your needs very seriously and know that you will do so as well. Make-up days are scheduled whenever possible when illness or true emergencies prevent your attendance.

Insurance and Financial Responsibility

We do our best to determine your insurance benefits and we will also file your claims as a convenience to you. However, it is your obligation to confirm these benefits to ensure the accuracy of the information. We cannot be responsible if the benefits are processed differently by the insurance carrier than what was given previously at the time of the processing of the patient’s insurance claim. We do not guarantee payment by the insurance company and do not obligate ourselves to settle disputes between you and your insurance company. If your insurance company denies a claim it remains your responsibility to make the payment. Payments for coinsurance, co-pays or deductibles are due at the time of the service. We require that you also agree to pay for any treatment days scheduled for which you do not give a 24 hour cancellation notice (except in the case of a physician verified illness or emergency as agreed to by your counselor).

We make a serious commitment to your treatment and expect you to fully invest yourself in your program and attend all scheduled sessions. Scheduling requires extensive staff time to accommodate the patient’s program. Any no show fees will be billed at the regular rates for each day of treatment and will not be charged to the insurance company. These fees will be added to you account.

We currently accept the following networks:

  • Magellan
  • UBH
  • Humana
  • Value Options
  • Mississippi Physician
  • Blue Cross
  • Cigna
  • Managed Health
  • Aetna
  • HealthChoice
  • MHNet
  • Compsych