About Us

The Transformation Center and Associates is the first center in Memphis to offer Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization (PHP) treatment for Eating Disorders.  We also the offer IOP and PHP treatment for Trauma induced PTSD.  Many people who suffer from an eating disorder often have underlying trauma issues that must be addressed in order for healing to begin.  In our programs, that kind of specialized and individualized treatment is available.


At the Transformation Center we view treatment as an opportunity to restore individuals and their families to a whole and balanced life. Clients are engaged in adopting healthier attitudes and beliefs, while simultaneously creating and adapting correspondent behaviors. The process restores balance and well-being in the four areas of emotion, mind, body and spirit.

Our caring and professional counseling team is committed to working passionately on your behalf. Without judging, we help you manage life’s problems and live out your dreams. The relationship you have with your body, food, and those you love should be healthy and rewarding. We desire to help you make this a reality in your own life.

Our programs employ multiple therapies including individual therapy, various types of groups, mind and body work, massage, individualized nutritional counseling,  equine therapy, among others.

Every person is different and, at the Transformation Center we believe that healing is possible if we address each person’s needs with custom tailored therapy.